How to avoid bogus callers

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home. Unfortunately, older people and those with disabilities can be particularly vulnerable to bogus callers who pretend to be officials.

Always ask anyone who comes to your door for proof of their identity and check it carefully.

Ways you can check the identity of our representatives:


1. Identity cards
All our staff and people calling on our behalf carry an identity card with their photograph and name on it.

They must show you this. If they offer an identity card, take it. If they do not offer you an identity card, ask to see one.

If you are not sure that a caller works for Southern Water or one of our agents, phone us on 0330 303 0368 (calls charged at local rate), available 24 hours a day and check that we sent the caller.

Ask us to tell you the name of the caller and whether it is a man or a woman.


2. Password scheme

You can ask to join our password scheme. You can choose your own password and we will only give this to representatives who need to call on you.

Ask them to quote the password you have agreed with us. Use a word you find easy to remember. Please phone or write to us to join.

Remember - if you're not certain that your visitor is someone you should invite into your home, check them out.

You should always:

  • fasten your security chain before you open your door. If you don't have a security chain, talk through the letter box but don't open your door (you should consider getting a security chain fitted as soon as possible)
  • ask for the caller's identity card. Take the card and look at it to make sure they are who they say they are
  • if you are still not certain that the caller is genuine, phone 999 and ask for the police. Give them your name and address when they answer and say you are frightened by a strange visitor.