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Extra help and support

Sometimes you may need a bit of additional assistance, which is why we offer a range of Priority Services. Learn more about them below.


Request someone else to manage your bills

We can arrange for your bill to be sent to someone chosen by you. This may be helpful if you find it difficult to handle or understand your bill.

If you'd like someone else to manage your water bills on your behalf please email us at heretohelp@southernwater.co.uk or call 0800 027 0800

Change how we communicate with you

We can send your bill or correspondence in large print or Braille. We can also provide a talking bill service, which involves phoning you to tell you how much it is before posting it.

Get help with your meter reading

If we supply your water and you find it difficult to reach and read your water meter, we can arrange for it to be read regularly. We can then send you details of the readings.

Extra help if your supply is interrupted

The Priority Services Register helps us prioritise our most vulnerable customers in the event of a disruption to the water supply.

If you'd like us to visit

Our employees are trained to offer friendly, helpful advice on anything to do with our water and wastewater services.

We can arrange for someone to visit you at home at a convenient time for advice on saving water, paying your bills and more.

Avoiding bogus callers

Unfortunately, bogus callers pretending to be officials may try to target our customers, especially people with vulnerabilities.

To make sure the person at the door genuinely represents Southern Water, follow our advice on how to avoid bogus callers.

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