The Unflushables

Items such as wipes, nappies and cotton buds are the scourge of our sewers - they create blockages, cause flooding in homes and damage the environment. Who will save us from... The Unflushables?

Want to know what not to flush? Watch the Unflushables Assemble above. Missed the first part? Follow the link to check out The Unflushables.

Every year in England and Wales water companies deal with over 300,000 blockages – thousands of which see people’s homes and belongings ruined by sewer flooding.

Together with CCWater, in 2017 we launched an award-winning campaign, The Unflushables, to help customers understand the impact of internal sewage flooding, and what simple steps people can take to stop it.

Since launching, The Unflushables has helped to reduce blockages across our region by 13% – but there's still a huge amount to be done. Wastewater companies are still spending around £90million each year clearing blockages nationwide, while damage to the environment by the plastics used in unflushable items has become a real focus.


The Unflushables AR game

So now you know what you can and can't flush...why not challenge yourself with our new Unflushables game?

Do you know where to fling your floss, toss your toilet paper or chuck your cotton buds? Can you help Tim the Toilet and Betty Bin fight The Unflushables Dr Peevil and Cotton Thug?

Will you be 'flushed with success' or 'knee deep in trouble'? Find out by downloading our new AR game. 


To play the game you will need to download and print the 'If the Swipe is Right' image marker to point your device at.

Download the image marker


Top tips to prevent your sewer from flooding
  • Clear your plates – scrape leftover food residues from plates, pans and utensils into the bin before washing up
  • Contain the problem – put cooled fats into an old jam jar, butter tub or yogurt pot and then throw it away
  • Bag it and bin it – use scented nappy sacks or dog poo bags (degradable if you can) to throw away any nappies, sanitary items or condoms
  • Strain the pain – a simple sink or drain strainer can stop food and hair getting down the pipes.


The Unflushables, assembled...

Who are the Unflushables? And will the heroic Betty Bin be able to stop their evil scheme to block sewers, damage the environment and flood homes?

The Unflushables - part 1