Stop tap

Where is my stop tap?

Knowing where your stop tap is and how to use it is important.

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Leaking pipe

Report a leak or burst in a public place

If you've spotted a leak, use our online form to let us know the details.

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Glass being filled up

Leaks at your home or property

If you’re unsure who’s responsible for leaks in and around your home and whether we can help.

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Fixing a sink

Find an approved plumber

Whether you want to fix leaking pipes and taps, or need plumbing services for building works – we can help you find approved plumbers in your area.

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Listing for leaks

How to find a leak

Follow our step-by-step checklist.

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Dripping tap

Fix a dripping tap

Here is a guide to fixing a dripping tap.

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Toilet flush

Check if you have a leaky loo

A higher than expected bill is often the first sign you’re using more water than normal – it could signal a leak in your loo.

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Guide to re-laying your supply pipe

If a leak has been found on your supply pipe, replacing it is often the most cost effective option in the long term.

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Leak repair works outside your property

What to expect if we fix a leak outside your home.

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Leakage team

Our efforts to detect and fix leaks

We’re among the best in the country at keeping the number of leaks per property as low as possible, thanks to our team of leak-busters.

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