Report a leak or burst in a public place

If you've spotted a leak, use our online form to let us know the details.

Tell us about a leak

How to find and fix leaks and drips at your property

Follow our step-by-step checklist.

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How do I find my stop tap?

Knowing where your stop tap is and how to use it is important.

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Repaired a leak

Thank you for making a repair please inform us of the details.

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How to find an approved plumber

Find plumbers in your area for leaking pipes, taps or other building works.

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Guide to re-laying your supply pipe

Replacing a leaky supply pipe it is often the most cost effective option.

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We're finding and fixing leaks

Our teams are working seven days a week to find and fix leaks.

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Trialling innovative ways to tackle leaks

We are committed to trialling innovative ways to find and fix more leaks.

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