Check if you have a leaky loo

Push-button toilets commonly have undetected leaks. A leaky loo can waste up to 300 litres of water a day, which could be increasing your bills – so it can pay to know if your loo is leaking.

A higher than expected bill is often the first sign you’re using more water than normal. And while there may be an obvious reason for the increase, such as recent building work at home or a new addition to the family, it could also signal a leak in your loo as  push-button toilets can commonly have undetected leaks.


How to check if you have a leaky loo

Wait 15 minutes after the last toilet flush, then dry the back of the toilet pan with toilet tissue. Place a dry sheet of toilet tissue at the back of the pan. 

Wash your hands and leave for three hours, if possible, without using the toilet. When you return, check the condition of the tissue: 

  • If the toilet tissue stays dry – good news, you don’t have a leak.
  • If the toilet tissue is a little crooked or wet – you may have a small leak. Use this process regularly to check that it is not getting any worse (and costing you more money).
  • If the toilet tissue has broken up and has moved in the water below – you have a significant leak and will need to get this fixed by a plumber. Check out our Find an approved plumber page for further information.
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