Finding and fixing leaks

Water is a precious natural resource and we want to look after it. To reduce the amount of water lost from our network, we’re aiming to halve leakage by 2050. That’s why our teams are working seven days a week to find and fix leaks.

What we’re doing to minimise leakage

We’ve been increasing the size of our leakage team, to help us respond to leaks quickly. In Hampshire alone, we’re proactively fixing 100 leaks a week and making a further 150 repairs reported by customers. Across our area, our find-and-fix teams are using some innovative technology to make progress. 


Using technology to find leaks

We’re investing more than ever in new technology to find and fix leaks on our network:

  • We’ve fitted 7,000 acoustic loggers to detect and pinpoint leaks and we’re also trialling more technologically advanced acoustic loggers
  • We’re speeding up the roll out of a new Advanced Pressure Management system on our network to reduce fatigue of the pipes which can cause bursts


Thanks for telling us if you spot a leek

We really value customers reporting leaks to us. This means that our find-and-fix teams can get out and fix them quickly. We have a dedicated phone line for customers to use to report a leak.

You can call our Leakline on freephone 0800 820 999 or 0330 303 0146 (calls charged at local rate) to report leaks in your area.

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