Repaired a leak


We can all do our bit to reduce how much water we use and cut down waste by making a few simple changes in our daily lives.

A dripping tap can waste a bathful of water (80 litres) every week and a garden sprinkler uses more water in one hour than an average family of four uses in a day.

In our film, Water Planning and Strategy Manager Meyrick Gough talks about the challenges we face to ensure we supply you with enough water.

We each use about 150 litres of water a day, 55% more than we did 30 years ago, but reducing this could save energy and money. Read our water efficiency pages to find out what you can do to cut down your water usage.


How we use water in the home

Our 25-year water resources management plan looks at the predicted population increase, new water sources and how we can reduce leakage from our pipes so that we can continue to provide clean, safe water to our customers.

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