Where is my stop tap?

Knowing where your stop tap is and how to use it is important. It allows you to shut off the water in an emergency – like a burst pipe – or so work can be carried out on your home’s plumbing.

Where to find your stop tap:

  •  External stop taps are normally found outside your home in the public footpath. They are sometimes located in driveways, gardens or grass verges.
  •  Internal stop taps are normally found under the kitchen sink but can also be found under the stairs or in the downstairs toilet.

 Our short film shows you where to find your stop tap and how to deal with low water pressure.

Other helpful tips

  • Turn off your stop tap before you go on holiday in case there’s a plumbing problem while you're away.
  • Label the cold stop tap and hot water valve so everyone can tell which is which.
  • Make sure everyone in the family knows where they are and how to use them in case of an emergency.


Need a plumber?

If you're having trouble with your stop tap – or have a bigger task at hand – you may need the help of a reputable plumber. Trusted plumbers who are qualified to meet the regulations for working safely with drinking water can be found through the WaterSafe online directory. See our Find an approved plumber page for further information.