External flooding claim

We are extremely sorry that your property has been affected by flooding from the public sewer. Please accept our sympathies as we are aware that this can be an unpleasant and upsetting time.

Since April 1, 2008, we have offered a payment, equal to half your annual household wastewater charge (with a minimum payment of £75 and a maximum payment of £500), when a customer is materially affected by external flooding from the public sewer. This payment is not intended to reimburse any costs that you have incurred, but is an acknowledgement of a failure in the wastewater service that you receive.

To see if you are eligible for this payment, please complete as much of the information on the below form as possible. In the section Damage sustained, if you are confirming loss or damage please provide full information in the comments box. Please do not send any original documentation with the form, copies are acceptable. You must submit your claim within three months of the date of the incident.

Any claims for reimbursement following costs incurred or damage to property should be sent to your household insurer, and if they believe that we have any further liability in the matter they will contact us directly.

If, at the time of the incident, you owe us money, and have done so for more than six weeks, we will normally credit your account rather than make payment by cheque. Should you have any queries regarding this form please contact our Technical Call Centre on 0330 303 0368 and one of our advisors will be happy to help you.

You can find additional information on our Guaranteed Standards of service page.


External Flooding Claim form

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IMPORTANT: Your claim must be received within three months of the date of the flood

Details of the incident
Damage sustained:

Please provide documentary evidence, wherever possible)


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Please click the Submit button once to send the completed form to Southern Water. It may take a few seconds for the form to be processed. You will then have the chance to print a copy for your records (this may print on more than one page).