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 I want to claim a rebate for surface water drainage charges

Complete our online form below to claim your rebate. You’ll only have to claim the rebate this once. After that we’ll automatically give you the rebate every year. You can also read more about rebates on Ofwat's website.

What is surface water drainage?

Surface water is rainwater that runs off roofs and paved areas, or water that flows through gutters, or in the road (for example after washing a car), and ends up in a public sewer.

Why am I being charged for surface water drainage?

As part of our wastewater charges (that’s all the water that ends up in your drains and is made up of used tap and loo water, and run-off rainwater), we include a standing charge for disposing of surface water.

Do I have to pay for surface water drainage?

You only need to pay this charge if your property is connected to a public sewer. That applies to most homes – especially those built in the last 40 years.

What is the cost for?

The small annual fee (£25.90 for homeowners) covers the cost of taking away and treating this water.

My home is not connected to a public sewer

Homes that aren’t connected to a public sewer have something called a soakaway instead. It’s a large underground pit filled with gravel within the boundary of your property (about 10-15 feet away from the foundations of the house). Run-off rainwater is piped into it.

If surface water runs into your soakaway rather than a public drain, then you can claim a rebate from us – dating back to April 1, 2015.   

Why am I being charged for highway drainage?

Rainwater that drains from highways ends up in public sewers and so we have to process it. As we all benefit from our road network – and as long as your property is connected to a public sewer – then we’ll also add a charge to your bill for highway drainage.

You can find out more about highway drainage charges on the Ofwat website.

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