Water Regulations form

Applicant's details

(of persons giving notice)

Site/Location details

Notification details

Plumbing details

Except for installations listed at 4(a), 4(c), 4(h) or 5 in the accompanying notes, please provide plumbing details to include pipework, fittings and appliances to be installed. A plan or drawing showing the planned position of the proposed plumbing and fittings should also be attached below.

Checklist and declaration

I understand that the Regulations do not allow the installation of plumbing systems or water fittings which are supplied or are to be supplied with water provided by Southern Water without prior consent from Southern Water. I also understand that such installations must be carried out in accordance to the Regulations and that every water fitting must be professionally installed, connected, altered, repaired or disconnected.

Applicants should be aware that it is a criminal offence to breach these Regulations and an offence could result in prosecution.