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New sewer connection

If a new or replacement sewer connection is required, it will be necessary to complete an application for a Sewer Connection.

Useful information is contained in our Sewer Connection Guidance Notes to assist in completing the application.

Please complete the application form then send it, together with supporting documentation and payment, to:

Developer Services
Southern Water
Southern House
Hampshire, SO21 2SW


  1. How do I apply? 
  2. How can I pay? 
    • By Cheque
      Please make cheques payable to Southern Water Services Ltd. Your completed application form and cheque should then be sent to:

      Developer Services
      Southern Water
      Sparrowgrove House
      Hampshire, SO21 2SW.

      By BACS
      Payments can be made directly via BACS transfer to:

      Southern Water Services Ltd
      Miscellaneous Income Account
      National Westminster Bank Plc
      South Street Branch

      Sort Code – 60-24-31
      Account No – 73840548

      However please ensure that you confirm in your payment either the Southern Water reference number (if known) or site address and postcode that you are making payment for. This will aid matching the payment to your application and avoid a delay in processing your application.

      Your completed application form should be sent to:

      Developer Services
      Southern Water
      Sparrowgrove House
      Hampshire, SO21 2SW.

      By Credit Card
      If you wish to make a credit card payment for either a completed application form or for an estimate/quote, please ensure that you first send your completed application form or signed customer acceptance form to developerservices@southernwater.co.uk stating you wish to pay by credit card.

      A member of the Developer Services team will contact you within 24-hours (between Monday to Friday) to collect the payment in full. Please note, if your payment is greater than £9.999.99 then you will need to pay by either BACS or cheque.
  3. Why do we have to apply? 
    • In accordance with Section 106 of the Water Industry act 1991 you must inform us if you would like to connect your new or existing property to our public sewerage system.

      This applies for both foul water and surface water (rain water) connections. The application needs to be submitted so that we can ensure your connection proposals satisfy our requirements and will not be detrimental to the public sewerage system.

      It is a criminal offence to connect to a public sewer without Southern Water’s consent.
  4. What does the cost cover? 
    • The application fee covers our time for processing your application, technical reviews of submitted plans, discussing and agreeing any changes and undertaking a site inspection of the connection.

      Please note these charges are per connection, not per application and do not include any construction works.
  5. Do Southern Water undertake the connection?  
    • Unfortunately we don't carry out sewer connections. You will need to employ a contractor to do this.
  6. Do you have an approved list of contractors? 
    • We do not have an approved list of contractors. However, it is a legal requirement that any contractor employed to work on the public sewer system is competent and suitably qualified in respect of current Health & Safety legislation.

      This includes certified personnel in respect of confined spaces working and all the necessary public indemnity insurances required.
  7. I've submitted an application, what happens next?  
    • Once you've submitted a complete application and all the supporting documents we will acknowledge it and provide a reference number. We aim to issue your approval within 21 days of receiving your completed application form.

      You cannot connect until you receive the approval notice. Once approval is given you can proceed with the work, let us know when it is being done and we will inspect it.

      Once complete we will issue a completion letter and confirm responsibility for the connection.
  8. Can I talk to someone before I submit and pay for my application?  
    • Yes, if you'd like to speak to one of our team please either call us on 0330 303 0119 or e-mail developerservices@southernwater.co.uk stating you to discuss your application and a member of the Developer Services team will contact you within 24-hours (between Monday to Friday).
  9. I have received approval, what happens next?  
    • Once you receive the approval letter you can go ahead and make the agreed connection. Let us know when it is being done at least 2 days before hand and we will arrange to come and inspect it.

      Once complete we will issue a final inspection letter and confirm responsibility for the pipework. You will need this paperwork to prove you have legally connected to the sewer network when you sell the property.
  10. Can plastic pipes be used? 
    • The use of plastic pipes will not be permitted within the public sewer or lateral drain, unless the plastic pipe can withstand 4000 psi jetting pressure.

      The materials used for the connection must be to the standard set in Sewers for Adoption published by the Water Research Council (WRc) and the Southern Water Addendum that is available on the WRc website http://sfa.wrcplc.co.uk/sfa7-supporting-documents.aspx
  11. Can I discharge surface water to the foul sewer? 
    • Southern Waters policy, Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document H and the Water Industry Act 1991 requires that where separate foul and surface water sewers are provided, the foul and surface water should drain to their respective sewers.

      In the absence of a nearby surface water sewer, you should consider disposal of surface water to the ground through the use of soakaways, or to a local watercourse.
  12. What is the difference between a foul sewer and a surface water sewer? 
    • The foul sewer carries used wastewater to a sewage works for treatment. The surface water sewer carries uncontaminated rainwater directly to a local river or stream. Only rainwater run off should be connected to a surface water sewer.

      All other waste water from sinks/toilets/baths/showers/washing machines/dishwashers/process water should be connected to a foul sewer.
  13. Where can I get a map of your sewers? 
    • Sewer and water plans – What is the pipe size; material and depth? To obtain sewer and water maps, please send a request along with a cheque for £49.92 (inc VAT) to:-

      Southern Water
      Southern House
      Capstone Road
      Kent, ME5 7QA.
  14. How do I know which sewer I should connect to?  
    • There are 3 types of sewers they are foul water, surface water and combined sewers. The sewer plans will provide you and your contractor with a guide. You may need to carry out a drainage survey to check what is available to you.

      You will need to discuss this with your contractor and determine where to connect and the type of connection you need. We will undertake an assessment of your proposals when we receive your application and will either approve or provide suggestions relating to the connection.
  15. What is the difference between a direct and indirect connection?  
    • A direct connection is any connection that is made to any public sewer. An indirect connection is a connection to a private drain that then goes into a public sewer.

      A private drain is an existing pipe that only serves 1 property and is within the property boundary.
  16. Why do I have to show the final point of discharge?  
    • To confirm that the sewer you propose to connect your flow to is connected to the public network.
  17. Why do we have to apply for a sewer connection when we are connecting to the public sewer via a private drain/sewer? 
    • In this case we are approving the new communication to the public sewer not the physical connection and as part of our assessment we must ensure that the public system has adequate capacity to accept these flows.

      We also require an application so that we have details of the connected properties for billing purposes. Please note that approval to connect to a private drain/sewer must be sought and obtained from the owner(s) of the drain/sewer.
  18. I am having a new bathroom/kitchen. What do I need to do?  
    • If you're connecting this to your private pipework on your own land and there are no additional flows, (you're not splitting the property into additional units) you can make this connection yourself.

      This will need to be monitored/signed off by you local building control officer. If the new bathroom or kitchen requires a new connection into a public sewer or you are making changes to the existing flow discharging to the public sewer you will need to apply for approval for this connection.
  19. Do I need to complete an application for every connection?  
    • No, you can submit one application form for multiple connections but there is a separate fee for each sewer connection approval that is required.
  20. Why do I need to complete the H&S declaration?  
    • The following applies to direct connections to the sewer network only.

      There are risks associated to working on a public sewer and as part of the application process we have to check your contractor is aware of those risks and the work will be carried out safely whilst minimising the risk to those on site, to the public and to the integrity of the sewer network.

      Your contractor should have a Health and Safety policy and you are also required to submit a site specific risk assessment and method statement.
  21. How long is the approval valid for? 
    • The approval notice is valid for 12 months. You will need to apply for the approval notice to be re-issued in the following circumstances:

      • You don't complete the connection within 12 months
      • You change the point of connection from that which was approved
      • You change the applicant/contractor carrying out the connection.
  22. Who can carry out work in third party land? 
    • If you need to cross third party land in order to make the connection to the public sewer you must first get permission from the land owner.

      We can't give you permission to work in third party land. Approval of the connection does not grant you permission to cross third party land.
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