Our Drought Plan

Our Drought Plan sets out how we would deal with a drought in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

It outlines the steps we would take to ensure we could continue to supply healthy drinking water to our customers while minimising the impact on our rivers and the environment.

In the South East, water resources are already under pressure and the region is classed as an 'area of serious water stress' by the government.

These resources are likely to come under further pressure in the future due to new laws which restrict the amount of water we can abstract, a growing number of houses in the region and the effects of climate change on our weather patterns.

We regularly update our Drought Plans and in 2012 we published an updated Draft Drought Plan for public consultation. 

We received more than 50 responses to our consultation and published a Statement of Response and updated the draft plan to reflect these responses.

Following this, we were given the go-ahead by Defra to publish our Final Drought Plan on February 1, 2013.

The 2013 Drought Plan replaces our previous plan, which was published in 2008.

We have also published a Water Resources & Drought Strategy, which combines a summary of our Drought Plan and Water Resources Management Plan for 2015-40.

The 2013 Drought Plan is guided by new legislation which allows water companies to introduce a wider range of temporary restrictions when resources are under pressure.

Temporary Bans can include restrictions on using hosepipes and sprinklers to wash cars, water gardens and allotments, fill swimming pools and wash patios.

In severe droughts, we can also apply for Drought Permits and Orders to take more water from rivers and underground aquifers and further limit what we use water for.

Download our 2013 Drought Plan and supporting documents below:

Drought Plan 2013 – Main Report  
Water Resources & Drought Strategy (Summary)  
Strategic Environment Assessment – Summary  
Draft Drought Plan – Statement of Response  
Statement of Response appendices