River levels

In some areas, we rely on rivers for the water we supply to our customers. However, the twin pressures of more extreme weather events and a growing population are stretching these finite natural resources.

During dry seasons, we publish information on river flows here on a monthly basis (at least).


River flow data

The graph below shows recent River Test flow data during Spring/Summer 2020 (source: The Environment Agency):

We work closely with the Environment Agency (EA) and local environmental groups to balance the needs of our customers with those of the natural world.

This includes monitoring river flows – especially during dry spells, when water restrictions may be necessary to protect the health of these natural habitats.

If flows drop below:

  • the 60 day trigger, we begin drought permit pre-application
  • the 35 day trigger, we apply for a drought permit
  • the 'hands-off' flow, we're not allowed to take water from the river without a drought permit


Daily river flows

The EA monitors UK rivers and publishes daily river flow data on its website. To see the latest updates about a river near you, visit the EA's Hydrometic Data page and click on the rivers represented by a red dot:  

Visit the EA's website


Protecting Hampshire's rivers

During 2019, new rules were introduced to protect the Rivers Test and Itchen by controlling when we could take water for our customers. As a result, Hampshire faces an increased risk of drought during dry weather.

Find out how we're keeping customers' taps flowing while protecting Hampshire's rivers.

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