Sewer connection

If you require a new connection or you are altering your current connection to our foul or surface water sewers, you will need to apply for a sewer connection application.

When you are constructing new homes or changing your drainage layout on site it is likely you will need to create a new connection into our sewer network. Foul water can only be connected to our existing foul or combined sewers. With surface water you should follow the hierarchy in H3 of the Building Regulations to look at the possibility of draining this on site, and when this is not possible a connection to our surface water or combined sewers may be allowed.

For all connections into our sewer network you will need to submit a sewer connection application. It is an offence to connect into our sewers directly or indirectly without our formal approval.


Sewer Connection Applications

Below is a guide on what you need to do when making a sewer connection application, including links to make an application via our GetConnected portal. We often refer to a sewer connection as a ‘Section 106’.

Stage 1a – Pre-application

Before you make an application it’s important to take account of the following points:

  • You can find out where the public sewers are in your area on our sewer and water maps page to understand the connection options available to you.
  • This application is for the approval of the means and mode of construction to allow connection to our public sewer, it does not confirm capacity is available in the network.
  • You can confirm capacity is available at your proposed connection point by applying for a wastewater pre-planning enquiry through our planning your development page.

Stage 1b – Pre-planning Enquiry

When you are planning to connect to our network, you will need to understand if there is available capacity at your point of connection. A pre-planning enquiry will assist in identifying any possible capacity constraints that may be associated with servicing your development site. Please read through the wastewater pre-planning enquiry guidance available on our planning your development page.

Stage 2 – You Make an Application

All sewer connection applications should be made by applying via our portal.

Before you apply, please read our Sewer Connections Guidance Notes which will take you through the process and what is required, including:

  • A site location plan (.pdf) at 1:1250 (or larger).
  • A drainage layout plan (.pdf) at 1:100 (or larger) showing the location of sewers and manholes on your site and up to the connection point. Please refer to our Sewer Connections Detailed Drainage Examples to see how a drainage layout plan should look.
  • A copy of your planning consent.
  • An application fee.

The application fee is variable as to the type of connection you are applying for as detailed further below:

  • A new manhole - £373.00 (inc 20% VAT) per connection
  • Any other type of connection - £291.00 (inc 20% VAT) per connection

Once your application has been made, our team will review the information submitted and we will respond within 5 days to confirm the documentation is complete or ask for more information if required.

Stage 3 – Application Approval

Within 21 days we’ll technically review your application and send you our decision on your proposal. It’s important you do not programme your works to commence within this period as we may either give our approval or ask for an amendment and further technical information to be provided to us.

Until you receive our written approval you won’t have permission to carry out any works on the public sewerage system. Do refer back to our Sewer Connections Guidance Notes if needed.

When the proposal meets our standards, we will provide you with the approval letter and let you know your Assistant Adoption Manager for your area.

Stage 4 – You Complete Site Works

Once you have received our approval and have confirmed capacity in the network, you will now need to arrange with your contractor to carry out your works on site to connect into our sewer.

It’s important that you have organised and obtained any necessary third-party landowner’s consent, Building Regulation Approval and Highway Authority Road Opening License before carrying out any works.

You will need to organise your inspection (Step 5) to coincide with when the connection is completed.

Stage 5 – You Organise your Inspection

At least two working days before intending to carry out the works, you or your contractor should contact your assigned Assistant Adoption Manager to arrange a mutually convenient inspection date so we can ensure the completed connection into our network has been carried out correctly.

In cases where the connection has not met our requirements, we’ll inform you of the remedial action needed. Once this is actioned you will need to arrange a new inspection with your Assistant Adoption Manager.

Stage 6 – Completion Letter

Once we are happy that your connection to the public sewer complies with our requirements, we will provide you with a completion letter. Your connection application is now complete, and you can start using your new sewer connection immediately.

Water Connections

If you are building a new home or several homes and applying for a sewer connection, it is likely you may also need a new water connection.

You can check if you're in our water supply area by entering your postcode in our 'In your area' feature.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

If you are considering drainage of surface water to our sewer network, we would like to engage with you on the other disposal methods available with a particular focus for incorporating SuDS on your site. Draining surface water through SuDS on site has many benefits to the local aesthetics, increasing biodiversity and building resilience to flooding and pollution.

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