Innovation with Bluewave

Bluewave is Southern Water’s innovation, research and development lab.

Our mission is to create value for our customers, communities and company by exploring and introducing new ideas, technologies and ways of working.

BluewaveBluewaveBleuwaveIn the Bluewave team, we have a range of experience from both in and outside the water sector. We work on a wide range of projects and programmes, using clearly-defined processes and methodologies to help quickly define challenges, develop ideas and collaborate with teams and individuals – both inside and outside Southern Water – to achieve tangible outcomes.


Get in touch

Would you like to submit an idea to us? Have a new process, piece of technology or way of working you’d like to collaborate on with us? We’re always keen to hear from individuals, businesses and organisations looking to do things better and differently.

This is also where you can get in touch with us if you’d like to collaborate on a bid for Ofwat’s £200m innovation fund via the different competitions and entry mechanisms as they’re unveiled. We’re interested in hearing about ideas for collaboration in these specific areas from the Water Innovation 2050 strategy:

  • Delivering resilient infrastructure systems: Network management (both waste and clean) working on how we can move to more intelligent network approaches
  • Protecting and enhancing natural systems: Environmental challenges – how we can move to more catchment led approaches
  • Achieving net zero carbon: Energy efficiency – focusing on net positive impact on our energy sources
  • Taking a whole life approach to responsible consumption and production: Asset resilience – harnessing ways which we can improve our treatment capacity, this also links into greener solutions whereby we can look to increase the volume we can serve through initiatives other than heavy intensive capital builds

Once we’ve received your idea, we’ll review it as part of our lab innovation process and get back in touch with you within four weeks (or less, depending on whether it’s required as part of the Ofwat innovation fund). Please make sure you don't submit any confidential information.