“My apprenticeship has allowed me to build transferable skills and confidence whilst being employed and gaining first-hand experience. My advice to anyone considering a water apprenticeship would be to just apply, it's an amazing way not only to get valuable experience but also to gain an understanding of what it's like in the workplace”


Water for Life is about the present and future of our most precious resource – so we think big, we look far ahead, and we identify, develop, and share our individual talents for the greater good.

We empower each other to grow in confidence, in experience, and in ability!

Our apprentice programmes are designed to provide the highest level of support as we embrace the quality tools, trusted techniques, and ongoing training we have, to give you a flying start to your career.

Beyond earnings, there are a range of other rewards for taking on an apprenticeship. Learning 'on the job' means networking opportunities, ongoing support from the employer, peer-to-peer support, financial perks such as discounts and paid annual leave.

There’s something for everyone, from school leavers to those looking to upskill in their careers, and those seeking a career change.

There are plenty of inspiring stories of people taking charge of their careers, using their apprenticeship to build knowledge and contacts within their chosen field.

We have a meaningful purpose and an important responsibility. We are proud that what we do matters to the communities we work closely with. We believe in Water for Life. We know that the work we do today will make for a better tomorrow, which is why we are so passionate about supporting early careers development.


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What we offer you

We believe in empowering our people to shape their own success. And knowing that the work you do is valued, recognised and rewarded, plays a big part in this. As our generous benefits package reflects.

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Why work with us

Diverse career opportunities. Plenty of support to develop and grow. Amazing benefits. Plus, the chance to make a positive impact on the world.

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