How we are regulated

Southern Water is regulated by our economic regulator Ofwat, which monitors our business to ensure we are providing a good quality and efficient service at a fair price.

It does this by setting price limits on what we can charge you, while protecting the standard of service you receive.

It also encourages companies to be more efficient and aims to raise the standards of those that need to improve.


Price limits

Ofwat sets price limits so that our customers should pay no more than is necessary to enable well-managed companies, like Southern Water, to finance the services they deliver.

The Consumer Council for Water was set up in 2005 to represent the views of water and sewage customers in England and Wales.

We are also governed by strict environmental regulations.


Regulatory information

Some of the information we publish is regulatory, and can be found below.

Advice and information
Our complaints procedure
Our promise to you
Life cycle of a leak
External Floodcare
Internal Floodcare
Bin it, don't flush it

Codes of practice
Code of practice for household customers
Pipelaying powers