Water Resources Management Plan 2020–70

Find out more about our water resources plan, published in December 2019, which details how we plan to keep your taps flowing for the next 50 years.

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) sets out how we intend to supply healthy, reliable drinking water to more than one million homes and businesses for the next 50 years.

We publish a new plan every five years so we’re continually updating it to reflect changes in your views, the need to protect the environment and the latest information on climate change and housing growth figures.

Our Water Resources Management Plan 2020-70

WRMP 2020-70 - Non-technical summary

WRMP 2020-70 - Technical overview

WRMP 2020-70 - Statement of exclusions

Annex 1 - Pre-consultation and problem characterisation

Annex 2 - Demand forecast

Annex 3 - Supply forecast - v21

Annex 4 - Environmental forecast

Annex 5 - Baseline supply-demand balance

Annex 6 - Options appraisal

Annex 7 - Summary of rejected options

Annex 8 - WRMP strategy

Annex 9 -  Strategy for the Western area

Annex 10 - Strategy for the Central area

Annex 11 - Strategy for the Eastern area

Annex 14 - Strategic Environmental Assessment - non-technical summary

Annex 14 - Strategic Environmental Assessment

Annex 14 - Strategic Environmental Assessment - post-adoption statement

Annex 15 - Habitats Regulations Assessment - non-technical summary

Annex 15 - Habitats Regulations Assessment

Annex 16 - Water Framework Directive Assessment - non-technical summary

Annex 16 - Water Framework Directive Assessment

1. Version 2 of Annex 3 prepared January 2020 - edits made to Table 30 to clarify target levels of service and to ensure alignment with the Technical Overview Report and Annex 1.

What we did after consulting on our draft plan (September 2018)

Statement of Response Report 

Addendum to Statement of Response 

Statement of Response Appendices 1 to 6

Statement of Response Appendices 7 to 8

Water Resources Market Information Tables

Updated 3 January 2020

Dry Year Annual Average (DYAA)

Dry Year Peak Deployable Output (DYPDO)

Dry Year Minimum Deployable Output (DYMDO)

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