Water stories

Without water, life as we know it would be impossible. It's vital for essentials like drinking, cooking and cleaning – and crucial to the things we enjoy, whether that's brewing ale or setting the sail. Here are some stories about what we do behind-the-scenes to provide water for life.

Virtual inspectors are proving to be a great success

We want our customers to have the best experience when they need to contact us

Ian's story...

Behind the scenes of our Control Room

Using AI to see what’s happening underground

Daniel's story...

Keep the garden growing and the water flowing

Our customers tell us how they're saving water 

A customer's story...

More water stories

You can read even more water stories here.

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Harvesting rainwater for a special garden in Brighton

The Brighton and Hove Food partnership are using our community grant to collect rainwater.

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Gaining knowledge about engineering through an apprenticeship

Matthew’s apprenticeship has helped him learn about different engineering disciplines.

Matthew’s story …

Following an apprenticeship as the beginning of a career

Erin’s apprenticeship is taking her one step closer to becoming a fully qualified ICA Technician.

Erin's story...

Caring for wastewater and wildlife at the same time

Jon keeps an eye on everything at our Vines Cross site, making sure the environment and wildlife are all cared for, alongside the important work of wastewater treatment.

Jon's story…

Using smart technology to unblock our sewers

Daniel tells us how sewer sensors are making our wastewater networks go digital.

Daniel’s story …

Expanding Horsham New Wastewater Treatment Works

Paul tells us how the upgrade will benefit the local community and our precious wildlife

Paul's story…

Wetlands as a low carbon, nature-based solution to cleaning wastewater

Cecile talks about a unique and innovative project using wetlands.

Cecile’s story…

Building a school rain garden with the Aquifer partnership

We’ve been supporting Moulsecoomb Primary school in Brighton to build a rain garden, led by The Aquifer Partnership.

The school's story...

Supporting and fundraising for people with Alzheimer’s

Lucy comments on our charity partnership with Alzheimer's Society, which raised over £65,000 to support those living with dementia.

Lucy's story...

Making a difference for those facing difficult circumstances

Rachel provides help and reassurance to customers who are facing difficult circumstances. 

Rachel's story...

Helping young people learn about wastewater

Jo’s tells us about making site visits a fun and educational experience.

Jo's story…