Water stories

Without water, life as we know it would be impossible. It's vital for essentials like drinking, cooking and cleaning – and crucial to the things we enjoy, whether that's brewing ale or setting the sail. Here are some stories about what we do behind-the-scenes to provide water for life.

Supporting and fundraising for people with Alzheimer’s

Lucy comments on our charity partnership with Alzheimer's Society, which raised over £65,000 to support those living with dementia.

Lucy's story...
Thelo Clarke

Keeping people connected to their community

During lockdown, Thelo helped our volunteers make a call a week that made and a big difference.
Thelo's story...
Daryl Bennett

Bringing colour and inspiration into people's lives

A mural by Daryl transformed one of our public spaces into a colourful story about where water comes from.

Daryl's story...
Rebecca Kennedy

Exploring how technology can improve our services

Rebecca looks at how new technologies can improve our services in the future.
Rebecca's story...

Developing fresh talent to support you in the field

Emily-Jo loves seeing our apprentices develop and progress in their careers.
Emily-Jo's story...

Protecting your community from floods

Steve works with local organisations to keep drains flowing, so you're less likely to suffer a blockage.
Steve's story...
Keith Herbert

Serving homes and supporting the local economy

Keith is proud provide an essential service to the community, every day.
Keith's story...

Preserving the places where your water comes from

Richard investigates the quality and sustainability of the groundwater sources your water comes from.
Richard's story...

Keeping waste flowing – so your flushes don't become floods

Steven looks after everything between your loo and our treatment works, so you can keep flushing, care-free.
Steven's story...

Looking after the sources of your drinking water

Zoë works with local farmers, landowners and stakeholders to protect and improve the quality of the sources of your drinking water.
Zoë's story...

Supporting you in an emergency – or preventing it altogether

Whether he's preventing emergencies – or helping you during one – Benjamin is proud to put on his uniform every day.
Benjamin's story...
Chris Weeks

Making sure your water is treated and ready 24/7

Chris and his team run ten supply works, keeping your water treated and ready when you need it.

Chris' story...
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