Southern Water urges businesses to run their taps until clear following the Covid-19 lockdown

As we transition to new a new phase of daily life and work, businesses, offices and workshops that have been closed for weeks are urged by Southern Water to run their taps until clear and feels cold.

This is crucial in removing any stagnant water and further details about this have now been published here.

Head of Water Quality and Compliance at Southern Water, Guy Franklin, said: “We continue to live in unprecedented times and as key workers we’ve been working hard to keep water and wastewater services flowing over the last few months.

“Now lockdown restrictions are easing, and communities start to return to a form of normality, we ask our customers and businesses to be mindful when using any water appliances. Please follow the guidance on the web page listed above.

“We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we continued are essential works during the lockdown.”
We remind customers to ensure that if any plumbers are required, that they are approved under the WaterSafe scheme.

More information about using water from taps and appliances after a period of inactivity can be found via Water UK at:

The numbers of sewer blockages during the lockdown also increased amid panic-buying for toiletries in March, however we face a new challenge as our customers and businesses return to a new normal.

Before and during lockdown, we’ve led the way in helping our customers and businesses fully grasp the dangers of flushing kitchen roll, wet wipes and other inappropriate items down their loos that are meant for the bin.

But as nearly 30,000 business across our region start to open their doors again, it’s crucial our simple steps on preventing blockages are followed.

Fat, oil, grease and unflushable items are not meant for our sewers. Blockages can lead to sewage flooding in homes, businesses and greatly affect lives. But with your help, they can be prevented.