Same mission - different ways of working

Even in lockdown – especially in lockdown – wastewater services are critical to our customers.


Our teams are regarded as key workers under the government’s Covid-19 emergency plans and that means you will continue to see us digging, fixing and generally keeping our systems running.

Emergency repair and maintenance work is largely done outdoors – on roads, in our sites or in fields. But some vital work, especially responding to the emergency of internal flooding must be done inside customer premises.


We are finding new ways of working, including asking customers to keep their distance more than usual while we work.



If we are required to work in your home, there are some thing you could do to help – things which will keep both you and my colleagues safe and will ensure we can continue to serve our customers.


Firstly, if you’re self-isolating because of contact with Covid-19, please tell us immediately when you call – and make sure the message has got through to those attending.


When we’re working in your home, allow our staff to if possible, open a window or outside door in the area they are working for ventilation.


Our team may request you go into another room and we hope you understand why this is necessary. Please make sure you stay two metres away from our people in line with government advice.

And for now, cups of tea aren’t welcome.


Our mission is the same as always – providing wholesome drinking water and taking away your wastewater. But we do need to keep our teams as safe as possible during the current crisis. We hope customers will understand why these necessary measures are required.