Keeping the taps running and the toilets flushing

The heat is on

Water resource levels are strong across most of our region following the rainy winter. In hot weather, the issue that can emerge for us is that people use water faster than we can treat it and put through the pipes. In addition to the demand surge in current hot weather, usage patterns are already affected by lockdown and people have been using more water than normal.

Anyone who has been standing in the shower when someone fills a kettle or flushes a loo downstairs will understand the principle.

With people in lockdown, we don't want to be 'fun police' but people can take simple steps to preserve precious resources - making sure your dishwasher and washing machine are run on full loads and turn off the tap while you're brushing your teeth are great ways to save water and use less energy. Reducing usage in gardens is especially important – if you you’re using a paddling pool, please reuse the water on plants instead of pouring it away, for example. We’re really grateful that people in the water-stressed South East are responding so positively to our requests.

Click here for more top tips to help you save. 

Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager