12 ways of (saving water this) Christmas

12 ways of (saving water this) Christmas
12 ways of (saving water this) Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, but what about saving? Our seasonal water-saving tips could help you save money on your bills, protect your home from a winter emergency and cut down the washing up – so you can get back to celebrating!

You’ve heard of The 12 days of Christmas. Well, we give you 12 ways of (saving water this) Christmas:

  1. Go easy on your kettleBaby, it’s cold outside and when you’re feeling chilly, nothing’s cosier than a cuppa. If you’re popping the kettle on, only boil what you need. As well as saving water, you’ll use less energy and it’ll boil faster.

  2. Give your tree a tipple – If you’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree, staying hydrated is important. Your tree gets thirsty too, so help it dazzle for longer by letting it drink the cooled water left over from your bath, sink or vegetable pans.

  3. Pick a shower ballad – Short showers can make big savings. Try trimming yours to the length of your favourite festive tune. You can spread the festive spirit by singing along too – you’ll have the whole household asking, "Do you hear what I hear?"

  4. Give the gift of savings – Our festive gift guide is full of stylish and savvy ideas to fill those stockings without splashing out. How about a mini watering can or an air plant? If Santa Claus is coming to town, we hope he brings a sack-full of savings!

  5. Wrap up your pipes – Cold pipes can freeze, causing them to leak or burst. The cost of calling a plumber or replacing damaged possessions could give anyone a blue Christmas. Lag your pipes to help prevent a winter emergency from cutting your celebrations short.

  6. Thaw your frozen food – Instead of defrosting frozen food under a hot tap, leave it in the fridge overnight to thaw. That way, you can save water while you wait one more sleep.

  7. Soak your winter veg – Let’s be honest, nobody likes peeling vegetables. So, this tip could bring joy to the world. Washing your veg in a bowl instead of rinsing them under the tap makes them easier to peel, so you can get on with your festivities.

  8. Steam your vegetables – Dreaming of a white Christmas? You can enjoy puffy white clouds if you steam your veg. You’ll use less water than boiling them, plus they’ll be more nutritious.

  9. Pick your pans wisely – If boiling is part of your recipe, choose the right-sized pan for what you’re cooking. A bigger pot takes more water to fill and longer to heat, especially in the bleak midwinter. Save water, energy and time by using a smaller one.

  10. Hold onto your glass – If your idea of a wonderful Christmastime includes a festive tipple, try to hold onto your glass for several drinks. After all, fewer dirty glasses means less washing up. Glass tags or charms are a great way to keep track of whose is whose.

  11. Use your ice twice – If you have any leftover ice when the party ends, gift it to your house plants. Pop the cubes in the pots and, like Frosty the Snowman, they’ll melt away – and water your plants as they do!

  12. Pile up the plates – Scrubbing dishes hardly brings tidings of comfort and joy, but we’ve got some good news. A full dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand, so let the dishes pile up. If you’re hosting a houseful, you’ll have a full load soon enough!

We hope our water-saving tips help you get cosy without the cost this season. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, from Southern Water.