How our apprenticeships are helping people start and switch careers

It’s National Apprenticeship Week and here at Southern Water we’re using it as an opportunity to celebrate the inspiring work of our apprentices across the business.

We spoke to our Head of Talent & Development, Sarah about it.... 

Supporting our communities through apprenticeships

Now more than ever, we recognise that we play an important role in supporting our community by offering employment opportunities not only for younger people, but also for people who may want to change careers.

Apprenticeships are a great way to do this, as they offer an opportunity to earn as you learn. People looking to start their career can gain a qualification without the burden of student debt.  While those wanting to take their career in a different direction can do so while still earning an income.

Working together

Together with a number of other water companies, we’re making a real push to demonstrate the level of commitment and investment the Water Industry is making in youth employment and skills investment, now and with future progression in mind.

Looking to the future

In 2017, Southern Water had just 19 apprentices. Fast forward to January this year and we now have 100 people completing apprenticeships with us. We’re really excited about using apprenticeships as a way of building the future skills and knowledge of our workforce and supporting our colleagues to have a rewarding career with us. We’ve seen a difference already, with those completing apprenticeships feeling more confident in their current roles, as well as seeing career pathways opening up for them.

We’ve focused on offering both entry level apprenticeships – such as mechanical, electrical, commercial procurement and supply, as well as upskilling apprenticeships in quantity surveying, digital solutions, project management and leadership.

This year we are looking to add another 50+ apprenticeship opportunities, expanding to include engineering, environment and operational areas.

Hear from our apprentices

If you’re interested in applying for an apprenticeship, keep an eye on our careers website and our social media channels where we’ll be advertising opportunities in spring. If you’re wondering whether an apprenticeship is for you, read what our apprentices have to say here:

 Sarah Porcelli

Head of Talent & Development