Saving water outside this summer

Saving water outside

If the summer makes you want to get out into the garden and get growing, here are some useful tips about how to save water while you’re gardening.

Choose plants that don’t need so much watering

There are so many plants to choose from. If you’re looking for a shrub for shade, a flowering tree or something you didn’t even know existed, our water-saving plant guide can help. The idea is to minimise the amount of water you need to add to your garden to make it grow. You can choose plants that don’t need so much water, so they’re more likely to survive the times when the weather is drier, all on their own. 

Make the most of naturally occurring water in the garden

Most of us rely on rainwater to water the garden, but climate change means we’re increasingly getting a deluge of rain one day, followed by a very dry spell. So how can we make the most of the millions of raindrops that fall, providing a great source of water at no cost to us?

There are lots of ways to store rainwater in the garden. If you install a water butt, drainage from roofs of houses or greenhouses can provide a good source of water for your garden. Or maybe you want to build a raingarden – a garden where water that runs off any surfaces such as patios, is stored in spaces where water-tolerant plants can grow. These are great ways to use the naturally occurring water source that rainwater provides.

If we have to use tap water for the garden, let’s use it sparingly

And if we do need to use tap water, it makes sense to water when less of it will evaporate in the sun – early morning can be a good time. Make sure you don’t water when the sun is getting too strong, otherwise delicate leaves and roots can get burnt. Another good water-saving tip is to use a watering can – not a hose – so that you can direct the water straight to where it’s needed most.

And don’t forget, although your lawn may start to look a bit brown during a dry spell, the next time it rains the grass will usually soon pick up. You’ll probably find you don’t need to water your lawn at all – ever!  That’ll not only save water, it’ll help save on your water bill too!