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Man walking in flooded surface water

Who to call when there’s a flood

With Storm Ciarán bringing heavy downpours across our region, it’s good to know who to call if there’s a flood. When it comes to who can help, it depends on the type of flood. Here’s an easy guide to help you know who to call if there’s flooding.

Pumps installed in Hastings ahead of Storm Ciarán

Getting ready for Storm Ciarán

The weather forecast is looking stormy, with heavy rain and high winds forecast across our region. As flooding is more likely during a storm and high winds can affect power supplies to our sites, we’re already taking action to keep the taps and drains flowing. Here’s how we prepare and what you can do during the bad weather.

World Food Day

World Food Day: Time to think sustainably about how we use water

There’s nothing quite like water. It’s essential to life on Earth and this World Food Day reminds us that without water, we couldn’t produce the food that we need to survive. As climate change continues to take hold and our population grows, it’s more important than ever to think sustainably about how we use water.

Dr Nick Mills addressing ICE conference attendees

Spreading the word about collaboration

Head of our Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force, Dr Nick Mills, recently had the honour of delivering the keynote speech at the Institute of Civil Engineers' Autumn Prestige Lecture – the James Forrest Lecture.