Days out

There are so many great things to enjoy across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, from beaches and beautiful reservoirs to historic tours.

Kids on beach

Our bathing waters

Our region includes 700 miles of coastline which plays an important part in the local economy.
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Learn to swim

With our region's beautiful 700-mile coastline and many miles of rivers, we believe it’s appropriate for us to help teach children to stay safe around water.


Our reservoirs offer a range of facilities from walking and biking, to sailing and bird watching.
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Testwood Lakes

Testwood Lakes, near Southampton, is a valuable water resource for Hampshire and a haven for wildlife.
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The steam engines of Brede

Brede features beautifully maintained examples of historic engineering and provides a rare chance to see the past in action and participate in its preservation for the future.
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Sewer clean

Brighton's Victorian Sewers

Find out about the Victorian sewers in Brighton, which were so well designed and built that they remain in use today.
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Twyford Waterworks

Discover the history of water supply in the Hampshire countryside, featuring nature trails, industrial artefacts and themed open days.
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Ensuring Water for Life, together

Community events


Your community is our community because the vast majority of Southern Water employees live and work in the region.
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River test


Our relationship with the environment is a vital element of our business. Ensuring we act in a responsible, sustainable way is an essential part of how we work.
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Let's hit Target 100

Target 100 is a commitment to our customers – we'll support them to reduce personal water use to an average of 100 litres each per day.
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