Our work in Hampshire includes sewer improvements, flood protection schemes, upgrades to treatment works and projects to improve the quality of treated wastewater to meet stringent European legislation. < Back to improvements in your area

Hampshire River

Water for Life – Hampshire

Hampshire has always relied on rivers for drinking water. However, to protect the health of local rivers, we must reduce how much water we take from them when flows are low. This means investing in new water sources for the region.
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Otterbourne Water Supply Works improvements

We're investing £800m across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight between now and 2030 to ensure a reliable water supply for your community and to protect and enhance the environment.
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Woolston Wastewater Treatment Works

Find out about our multi-million pound redevelopment project.
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Testwood Water Supply Works

We’re investing £50 million on a major upgrade of Testwood Water Supply Works so we can continue to provide customers with high-quality drinking water.
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We’re investing £5.5 million on a major upgrade of Portswood Wastewater Treatment Works in Southampton.
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