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Our Hardship Fund

We’ve set up our Hardship Fund to provide additional assistance if you're are experiencing financial difficulty.


What does the fund offer and who can apply?

Through this fund, we offer three types of assistance:

  • A one-off bill reduction (of up to 50%)
  • A debt write-off (of up to £2,000)
  • A grant towards specific home appliances and furniture (of up to £1,000)

To qualify, you must be able to demonstrate significant financial hardship, either long or short term, or challenging personal circumstances that have a financial impact. If you feel you meet the criteria, please complete the short form below and we’ll let you know the outcome within six weeks. Please provide a contact telephone number so we can discuss your application with you.

Frequently asked questions about the Hardship Fund

Bill reduction

  • Your household income is greater than current Essentials threshold (£22,020).
  • Your expenditure significantly outweighs income due to a temporary shock – such as bereavement, main earner’s loss of employment, or sudden additional caring responsibilities.
  • You expect the circumstances to improve fully.

Debt write-off

  • You're making regular payments that cover (or nearly cover) current usage.
  • You have a significant debt (over £500) that has accrued due to circumstances outside of their control (such as financial abuse by a partner, mental health breakdown, or prolonged absence from work).
  • You're unlikely to ever be able to clear the debt.

Non-financial assistance

  • You face significant financial hardship with no support network.
  • You're paying your water bill, but can’t afford basics (such as proper food, clothes or heating).
  • You already benefit from a reduced bill.
  • There's something that can be done to provide long-term benefit (such as replacing a washing machine) or assistance in a crisis (such as food vouchers).

No. Only one application per household is allowed.

Applications are assessed against the criteria. Our Head of Customer Services, the Vulnerability Lead and a Finance Manager meet each month to decide how funds are awarded.

You'll hear back from us within six weeks of your application.

  • White goods (e.g. washing machine, fridge/freezer, cooker)
  • Other items of household furniture may be considered depending on the circumstances.

Hardship Fund application

Please complete all steps of the form to apply for the Hardship Fund.

Financial Hardship Fund

This can be found in the top right corner of your bill and is 10 digits long.

Information about your circumstances and why you need the help you are requesting

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