Water and wastewater services for Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
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Accessibility help

Using our website

Our website was designed with usability and accessibility principles in mind. The site can be used with a variety of adaptive technologies used by people with disabilities, such as screen readers.


For ease of use, the following navigational tools are in use: 

  • The website has been divided into a number of major sections, grouped by subject
  • Menus are displayed either along the top of pages or in a column on the left-hand side
  • A site search facility is available in the top-right of every page. Search by whole word
  • A link to the home page can be found by clicking the house icon in the top-left of every page
  • An index page, which lists every page of the site in alphabetical order, is found in the information section at the bottom of every page
  • A site map link which lists the content of every section of the site, is also found in the information section at the bottom of every page
  • A crumbtrail is found below the header in most sections, showing the path back from the page you are viewing to the home page

You can make many changes using features in your browser such as type of font, font size, background colours and enabling speech function. Details on how to do this can be found on the BBC website.

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