Spreading the cost of your bill

If you need help paying your bills and think that spreading the cost could make a difference, then we can set up a payment plan for you easily over the phone.

Setting up a payment plan

Here’s how it will happen:

  1. Start by taking a meter reading.
  2. Then call us on 0330 303 0277.
  3. We’ll take a payment over the phone for the water you’ve used since your last bill.
  4. We’ll start the payment scheme from your next payment due date.
  5. The amount you’ll pay once the payment plan is in place will be visible on the bill
  6. Once you’re on the payment plan, there’s a chance we might need to readjust the amount you’re paying, such as for the following reasons:
    • How much you’ve used over the year and what we think you’ll use over the coming year.
    • If you owe us any money, or are in credit with us.
    • You’ve been clearing a debt over the past year, haven’t used any more water than was expected, and so will need to pay less in future.


I can’t pay my water bill

We know it can be tough and we really want to help. Check out the different ways you might be eligible for a discount, or help to pay.


Ways to pay your bill

You can pay in lots of ways such as via direct debit, online, or using your bank card. Set up a direct debit or find out about other ways to pay.


Change of circumstances

If you’re on a payment scheme and your circumstances change – such as if someone is moving out of your home – let us know as it could mean you pay less.

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