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LandSearch drainage and water searches

LandSearch provides drainage and water searches for residential and commercial properties and sewer and water maps.


What can you search for?

Whether you need drainage searches or water searches for your commercial or residential property, LandSearch has the answers. 
Here's how we can help you identify the location and size of public sewers and water mains in the locality of the property or land.

For drainage and water searches, there are three to choose from:

  • CON29DW Residential for residential (household) properties
  • CON29DW Commercial (non-household) properties
  • A four-hour Swift drainage and water search

Alternatively, you can request a map online through our partner DigDat or book an appointment to view our records at our office in Worthing.

If you have any enquiries regarding drainage and water searches for commercial or residential properties, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Email us: searches@southernwater.co.uk

Write to us:
LandSearch, Southern Water
Southern House, Yeoman Rd
Worthing, BN13 3NX

Our prices and complaints process

These prices are effective from 3 January 2023:

CON29DW Residential

(exc. VAT)

(inc. VAT)

ResidentiallDW Electronic (5 day)



ResidentialDW Swift (4 hour)



CON29DW BACs (5-day)






CON29DW Commercial



CommercialDW (5 day)



CommercialDW (4 hour)




Asset plan size


Single price (exc. VAT)


water OR sewer



water OR sewer



water OR sewer



water OR sewer



water OR sewer



Asset plan size


Dual price (exc. VAT)


water and sewer



water and sewer



water and sewer



water and sewer



water and sewer



You deserve the highest standard of service from us, but sometimes we make mistakes. If we do, please let us know, and we'll investigate and review your concerns.

We always try to resolve complaints straight away. If this is not possible and you're not happy with the course of action taken by us, you can ask us to escalate the issue internally. Or, you can take your complaint to an independent third party.

Get in touch and we will try to sort out your problem straight away. You can:

Email us at searches@southernwater.co.uk

Write to us at:

Southern Water Services
Southern House
Yeoman Road
West Sussex
BN13 3NX

You'll receive a full, fair and courteous response from someone who can effectively deal with your problem. If we can remedy the problem straight away, we'll do it. If we can't, we'll keep you informed of what actions we're taking. 

We try to resolve any telephone contact or complaint at the time of the call. However, if that isn't possible, we'll take the details of your complaint, investigate and get back to you within 10 working days.

We'll respond to written complaints within 10 working days of the date received, but will always aim to respond sooner. Depending on the scale of investigation required, we'll keep you informed of the progress and update you with new timescales, if necessary.

If you're still not satisfied with our response or action, we'll refer you to a Senior Manager. At your request, we can also speak to a third-party representative acting on your behalf.

If we find your complaint to be justified or we have made any errors that substantially change the outcome of your search result, we'll refund the search fee. We'll also provide you with a revised search and put things right as soon as possible. We'll keep you informed of any progress.

While we aim to resolve your complaint the first time, in the event that we're unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you can contact a third party. Please make sure that you've followed the process above first. If not, your complaint will be passed back to us.

If you're not satisfied with our final response, or if we exceed the response timescales, you may refer your complaint to The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPOS):

The Property Ombudsman scheme
Milford House
43-55 Milford Street

Call: 01722 333306

Fax: 01722 332296

Website: www.tpos.co.uk

Email: admin@tpos.co.uk

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