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New water main

If you're building multiple domestic or commercial properties on a site that will have new road access, you'll probably need a new water main to service your site.


Have you considered self lay or New Appointments and Variations (NAVs)?

The new water main, and the services to each property, can either be laid by us or by accredited Self-lay Providers (SLPs).

We support mains laid by SLPs and adopt independently-installed mains and services once commissioned. You can also use NAVs to service a site. These can replace the incumbent water or sewerage company for a specific geographical area.

A close-up of a blue water main on the ground connected to blue pipes

Requesting a new water main through us

You can request a new water main for your commercial or domestic properties through us. We often refer to this as a ‘Section 41 Water Main Requisition’. Below is a guide on what you need to do when making a water main requisition application. We'll be in touch along the way to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Apply online

Before you apply, please read our water main requisition guidance and Terms and Conditions, which will take you through the process. Once your application has been made, we'll respond within five days to confirm the documentation is complete or ask for more information.

We'll provide your quote

We'll carry out a site survey and provide a quote for water main installation within 28 days (42 days for complex projects). The quotation is valid for three months, after which you'll need to request a new quote.

You accept the quote

Next, you can review the quote, sign and pay for the work. After the agreement is signed, we'll assign a Project Manager as your main point of contact.

Design and pre-start meeting

We'll produce a detailed design of your new water main and arrange a pre-start meeting to confirm the start date and schedule for the work.

You may need to provide a chlorination certificate

We'll schedule our work and begin construction of the new water main. You may need to provide a chlorination certificate to be reviewed by our team (greater than 63 mm).

We'll complete the new main connection

We'll complete the connection of the new water main to our network within 90 days.

Individual connections

You can now apply for your individual service connections through our water connection team.
Two workers collaborating looking at a computer

Getting you connected

We have made it easier to connect with us. Watch this video to learn more about using the GetConnected portal.

Need more support?

We're here to help if you have any other questions. Please fill out this form in as much detail as possible to help us answer your query.

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