Domestic wastes

The definition we use for 'domestic waste' and the procedure for new customers to apply for an agreement to use our disposal sites are below.

Domestic waste is defined as:

'Domestic sewage* removed from a cesspool and septic tank sludge or residual sludge from septic tanks and similar installations for the treatment of domestic sewage.'

*The contents of lavatories and water used for washing and cooking (but excluding water used by a business preparing food and drink for consumption other than on the premises).

The waste acceptance procedures for domestic waste are controlled by the Environment Agency permits and exemptions that we operate under.

The domestic waste procedure is detailed below:

  1. Completed domestic waste enquiry form emailed/sent to Southern Water’s Cess team
  2. New customer documentation sent to haulier
  3. Payment of the set up fee to Southern Water (£150)
  4. Signing of cess agreement
  5. Provision of Duty of Care agreement between haulier and Southern Water
  6. Provision of key fobs to haulier (£40 each)
  7. Company representative completes site and safety checklist and return to Cess team

Apply for permission to dispose of domestic waste at our disposal sites:

Domestic waste enquiry