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Waste service charges

Our charges for domestic waste are detailed below. This section also includes our principles for charging for commercial waste, activated sludge, digester sludge and final effluent, as well as our invoicing arrangements.


Domestic waste service charges (cess and septic)

Your cess and septic waste service charges are applied by tariff, depending on the nature of the waste. 

For discharges received when the solid meter (which measures the strength of the waste) indicates a fault, the weak load tariff will be applied.

For all other discharges made where we cannot measure the strength of the import due to its nature, the indeterminate tariff will apply.


Type of waste


Weak loads <1,000 mg/l

£5.19 per m³

Medium loads 1,000 – 2,000 mg/l

£8.89 per m³

Strong loads >2,000 mg/l

£13.37 per m³

Very strong loads >4000mg/l

£14.01 per m³

Indeterminate strength

£9.44 per m³

Chemical WC discharges

£28.27 per m³

Covers period 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024.

Commercial waste service charges

We calculate charges for commercial waste based on the chemical composition of the waste stream using the Mogden formula.

Administration costs are also incorporated in the charges due to the greater level of management required. Prices start at around £2.00/m3.

Service charges for commercial waste are calculated for each individual enquiry from the pre-acceptance analysis results. For more information, please contact the Commercial Waste team.

You can buy digester sludge, activated sludge, and final effluent from us. Collections must be arranged through the Commercial Waste team. This requires large levels of paperwork, including health and safety, haulage, site process status, receiving site registration, type of receiving works and coordination of collections. As such, there will also be administrative charges, which are detailed below.

  • £35.00 when given four working days' warning prior to collection date.
  • £70.00 when given two working days' warning prior to collection date.
  • £23.75 when given four working days' warning prior to collection date.
  • £47.50 when given two working days' warning prior to collection date.
  • Final effluent is then charged at £1.50/m3. 
  • Activated and digester sludge is charged at £8.00/m3.
An aerial view of Goddards Green Wastewater Treatment Works

How we invoice

We present invoices monthly, in arrears, and accompanied by a summary statement of all the disposals made during that month. The summary contains individual details of all discharges, as recorded by the automated loggers.

This includes:

  • Date and Time
  • Vehicle registration
  • Discharge point and Volume discharged
  • Solids reading
  • Rate and Cost

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