Waste services

Apply for permission to dispose of domestic waste at our disposal sites:

Domestic waste enquiry

Apply for permission to dispose of commercial waste at our disposal sites (includes requirement for detailed description of waste):

Commercial waste enquiry

Apply for new or replacement key fobs:

Key fob request


Guidance notes

Site safety checklist

  • Drivers must adhere to the site speed limit and any one way system.
  • The emergency assembly points are displayed on the notice board in the waste acceptance area. If you hear a fire alarm within your area of work, please evacuate to the nearest assembly point. If you encounter a fire, raise the alarm by pressing the nearest ‘Break Glass’ fire alarm or shout ‘fire’ and evacuate the area immediately.
  • First aid: The site has first aid cover during opening hours. First aiders are shown on the notice board in the waste acceptance area. A first aid kit is also available within this area.
  • All drivers of tankered trade waste must report to the site office on arrival, so a Southern Water member of staff can supervise the discharge.
  • Tankers delivering trade waste shall be directed to the correct discharge point.
  • All drivers must supply three samples from each load before discharging. Southern Water personnel will oversee this operation. Cesspool/septic tank waste samples shall be taken at random.
  • The following Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times on site:
    • Protective clothing for the legs, arms and upper torso
    • High visibility jackets or tabards
    • Toe protective boots
    • Gloves
    • Face shield during discharge as directed. 
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are forbidden on site. Mess rooms may be used if agreed.
  • The driver must be in attendance during the discharge. Discharging must cease if the driver leaves the vehicle.
  • While on site, tanker drivers are under the supervision of a Southern Water designated person and should follow any instructions given by that person. Passengers not associated with the waste must stay within the vehicle while on site.
  • All drivers must ensure end caps are in place on vehicle suction and discharge lines after discharge. Any spillages must be reported and dealt with and the vehicle must be washed down to remove any contamination before leaving site.

Disposal procedures for domestic waste

Once set up as a Southern Water domestic waste customer:

  • Drivers entering a Southern Water reception site must go only to the cess reception facility (no other point of the site is available).
  • After connecting pipes, the driver must use the key fob to log on to the system.
  • While discharging, the driver should remain with the vehicle to monitor the discharge and ensure that there is no possibility of run-on into the system.
  • Drivers are responsible for ensuring that the isolating valve is closed before disconnecting pipes and leaving the site.
  • All spillages must be cleared up. If this is not possible, they must be reported to the site office or the Tankered Waste team.
  • All damage to site equipment by drivers must be reported and will be charged for.
  • Drivers must not touch/interfere with any machinery on site for health and safety reasons.
  • Sites must be vacated by the closure time. The loggers will shut down at this time and you must make sure you have finished discharging by this time.
  • All drivers must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).


Guidelines for use of disposal point equipment

When the user approaches the V5 system, they will be presented with the following screen:

Southern Water Services
Name of STW
Line available for use
Import line

The User should present the V5 key fob to the V5 logger at the point indicated. The V5 logger will then present the first of the transaction screens ‘Selecting a Waste Class’.


Selecting a waste class

The user is presented with the screen shown below. This screen allows the user to select the waste class applicable to the load. The user moves the highlighted bar using the four cursor keys located on the front of the V5. The up and down keys will move the highlighted selection around one at a time. When the correct waste class is highlighted, the user should press the ‘ACCEPT’ key.

Southern Water Services
Name of STW
Line available for use
Import line

The user is then presented with a confirmation screen which allows the user to confirm the choices that have been made. The user should press the ‘ACCEPT’ key to start the transaction and the ‘CANCEL’ to re-enter the details.

Southern Water Services
Name of STW
Waste class selected
Press accept to start transaction
Or cancel to stop transaction
Import line

Once the transaction details have been entered and accepted, the V5 will then open the import valve and when the valve is fully open, the screen below will appear. This screen shows the user the amount of cumulative flow that has occurred during the transaction and the final average solids concentration.

The transaction will progress until the flow stops. When the flow has stopped the valve will close and the transaction will end. The transaction details will be held on the V5 screen for a period of time until the valve closes to allow the user to check the data.

Southern Water Services
Name of STW
Transaction in progress
Count: 6150
Litres: 615.0
Solids: 378.2 mg/1
Import line

Disposal procedures for commercial waste


Once issued with a Southern Water permit to discharge, contact us on Fridays to book in volumes for disposal the following week.

Southern Water issues schedule for discharges to customer for the week.


On site

Once on site, tanker drivers must contact site operators and provide three samples from the tanker.

Completion of duty of care waste transfer note and Southern Water documentation takes place.

Once authorised, commercial waste can be discharged at the specified discharge point using key fob.

Key fobs

Key fobs access the logging equipment used on Southern Water sites.

New or replacement fobs can only be ordered using the application form.

10 working days should be allowed for the receipt of new or replacement fobs.

There will be a £40 charge for replacement fobs, including lost ones. A replacement fob will render the old one invalid. Although a lost fob will be rendered invalid, it should be returned to Southern Water if found. 

If you lose a fob or change a vehicle, please let us know as soon as possible and then confirm this in writing using the normal contact details.

Faulty fobs must be returned to Southern Water within three weeks of ordering a replacement fob. These will then be sent for testing. Replacements will be charged for at the normal rate of £40, unless testing proves that the user has not caused the fault.

If you mislay a fob and someone else uses it, there is no way of us knowing who is accessing our works. It is for this reason that the tipping fobs are the responsibility of the individual companies and we have to charge for any transactions on them.

Reporting faults

Should you experience any problems on-site at the wastewater treatment works, please ask a site operator or contact us on the numbers provided.

If problems occur with the logger facilities, please inform us of the message on the screen.

Wherever possible, we will endeavour to contact all customers to advise of any major problems.

In an emergency situation, please contact our Contact Centre on 0330 303 0368 (calls charged at local rate).