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Code of Practice for household customers

We’re proud to provide essential water and wastewater services to 4.6 million customers across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

This means sending out more than two million bills each year, operating more than 3,000 treatment works and pumping stations, and maintaining a vast network of underground water mains and sewers.

Every time we interact with you, we want you to be satisfied with the service we provide. We don’t always get it right, but if there’s a problem, we’ll do our best to get it sorted out as soon as possible. 

Our Code of Practice sets out the standards of service you should expect from us, along with details of how to make a claim, should something go wrong. It also includes useful contact information, what to do if you have problems with your water supply, details of pipe ownership and advice about how to deal with a leak or even a flooding incident. 

There’s additional information about our charges. Whether you own a home, you’re renting or you’re the landlord, we’ve broken down how they’re calculated, based on what type of account you hold with us eg metered or unmetered, water only or wastewater only. Details of our various payment schemes and tariffs are also clearly described.

We’ve also included information about how to be more water efficient, prevent blockages from causing bad smells and flooding in your home, and tips on how to deal with hard water and a number of home plumbing issues. 

This Code of Practice is updated every year so it really is the best place to find answers to all your questions about Southern Water, our services and your rights as our customer. I hope you’ll find the information we’ve gathered together here useful and keep it for your reference.

Ian McAulay
Chief Executive Officer
Southern Water

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