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Community talks

At Southern Water we’re keen to tell you about water, how we deliver it to your home and then treat the wastewater before returning it safely to the environment.


Our programme of talks gives community groups and Key Stage 2 schools an opportunity to meet our staff and learn first hand about the vital services we provide.

The interactive 45-minute talks, including a specially-created DVD, look at how much is involved in supplying fresh, clean water and how wastewater is treated before being safely returned to the environment.

We all came away saying 'I didn’t know that!' ... It answered questions I'd wondered about for years

Comments about our talks

Waterwise talk

Our Waterwise talk covers topics such as:

  • How much water is used in the home
  • How water is made safe to drink before reaching your tap
  • The water cycle
  • Climate change and the impact on water resources
  • Simple ways to save water, save energy and money.

Sewerwise talk

Our Sewerwise talk includes:

  • Where does wastewater go?
  • How the Victorians built the sewerage system
  • Imagine life without access to fresh water or sanitation
  • The challenges faced by climate change and a Victorian sewerage system
  • How you can prevent creating a pain in the drain.

Book a talk

If your group or school receives water or wastewater services from Southern Water and you would like to book a talk, contact justine.lewis@southernwater.co.uk or phone
01903 272648

Alternatively, print off the form below and send it to Waterwise Talks, Southern House, Yeoman Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3NX.

As all of our speakers are volunteers, please give six weeks' notice when requesting a talk.

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