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We hope you have enjoyed reading our web pages and finding out about our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan – now you can have your say about how we are developing our plan.

We are working with organisations that have responsibilities for water, flooding and drainage, as well as planning and environmental protection, in order to develop our DWMP. These partner organisations have participated in various webinars and workshops with us in 2020 and 2021. We have listened to feedback and taken on board as many views as possible. For example, we have included additional planning objectives in the DWMP that they told us are important to them, our customers and the environment.

Our web pages form the draft DWMP for each River Basin Catchment, supported by technical summaries of how we have approached the development of the plan. We are still developing the specific options to manage the risks in each wastewater system, and will update the website with these and the proposed investment programme for each river basin before the formal public consultation in June 2022.

At this stage, we need your input to advise us and to hear your views on:

  1. Our Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report
  2. The wastewater systems that we’ve selected (with input from partner organisations) to progress to the more detailed (level 3) planning in this first round of the DWMP
  3. The work we have completed to date
  4. How we are working with others

We are running an initial five-week consultation between Tuesday 21 September 2021 and midnight on Tuesday 26 October 2021. We look forward to hearing from partner organisations and our customers.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

View and comment on our SEA Scoping Report:

Strategic Environmental Assessment

How we have developed our DWMP

Provide feedback on our DWMP, the process for developing it and our approach:

DWMP consultation

River Basin Catchment (Level 2) DWMPs

Comment on our draft DWMP for a specific river basin catchment:

River basin catchments consultation

Post-consultation report

We will prepare and publish a report on your views once the consultation has closed.

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