Our regional DWMP

Our draft regional Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) is our company wide plan for drainage and wastewater management covering the whole of our operating region covering Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in the South-East of England.  It pulls together the investment planning for each of our 381 wastewater systems and sets out how we will ensure our drainage and wastewater systems provide a resilient water future over the next 25 years.

Draft regional DWMP

You can also download a summary of our plan.

Our draft regional DWMP is supported by five Investment Plans that set out the Investment Needs. These are:

  1. Investment Plan for Internal Sewer Flooding
  2. Investment Plan for Sewer Condition and Groundwater Pollution
  3. Investment Plan for Storm Overflows
  4. Investment Plan for Compliance and Pollution
  5. Investment Plan for the Environment


A Summary of our Regional DWMP

Our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) tells us one overarching thing: that we need to work across multiple organisations and stakeholders to better focus our investment in drainage and wastewater management if we want to make sure we enrich the environment while being water resilient, and protect future generations from the prospect of increased impacts from climate change and growth and the potential of unaffordable water and wastewater services bills in the future.

Our strategy is about long-term planning. It sets out the investment needs for the next Price Review period from 2025 to 2030, known as AMP8, and starts to build a picture of the future investment needs for the following four AMP periods through to 2050. Thinking and planning for 25 years ahead helps us to identify the investments required to meet the needs of our existing and future customers using more sustainable approaches to tackling drainage and wastewater issues.

The key challenges our Plan sets out to address include:

  • Protecting public health
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Sustaining population growth
  • Enhancing and protecting the environment
  • Supporting tourism and economic growth
  • Ensuring our ageing assets are resilient.

As a company we have worked with over 75 other organisations across the South-East who also have responsibilities for water management, planning and the environment to develop this, our first DWMP.

Our Plan provides a strategic, long-term and system wide view of what investment is needed to meet these future challenges. It provides a framework for integrated planning to enable plans and investment to be aligned with and alongside those of organisations that have responsibilities relating to drainage, flooding, land management, land use planning and protection of the environment. Customers, communities and local businesses will see greater collaboration between ourselves, other water management organisations and environmental groups. Our Plan will enable us to reduce delivery costs through better planning, managing future risks and resilience, and by doing the right thing by working together.

We have estimated that to deliver against these future needs and challenges across just 61 of our 381 wastewater system will require future investment of around £2 billion. Across all catchments this could be as much as £20 billion to reduce the risks to our customers and the environment.

We will continue to work collaboratively to develop future drainage and wastewater plans with others across our region, and to develop solutions that integrate the management of river catchments and drainage systems to be more resilient in the future.

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