Connection charging arrangements

Find out about our charges for connecting a property to the public water supply or a public sewer.

We collect and dispose of wastewater across the south east of England, and supply water in parts of this region. Water is supplied in the rest of the region by other water supply companies – contact them for more about their charges.

The information below applies when you intend to connect premises to the public water supply or a public sewer, even if you are using an existing drainage connection. It explains the liability to pay infrastructure charges directly to Southern Water in addition to the cost of making the connection.


New connections charging arrangements 2022-23

These charges will come into effect from 1st April 2022.

New Connections charging arrangements 2022-23

New connections charging assurance statement

Statement of Significant Changes 

Water Connection Calculator



Charging arrangements 2021–22

Charging arrangements assurance statement 

Statement of Significant Changes for New Connection Services

Infrastructure Charges Scheme

Charges Calculator

The calculation tool can be used to provide customers with estimates, please be advised that this is indicative only and would be followed up with a formal estimate on application.

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