Drinking water quality

We use the same water today that was on the planet billions of years ago – it just gets recycled.


Taste or unusual smells

You may not notice, but every water supply has its own distinct taste due to its chemical composition.

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My water looks unusual

Making sure water is wholesome and acceptable to consumers in terms of its appearance.

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How hard is my water?

'Hard' water has lots of calcium in it – the more it contains, the harder the water is, it doesn't affect drinking water quality.

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Stagnant water advice

Stagnant water can be harmful. If you’re reopening your business, read the following water hygiene information first.

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How much chlorine is in my water?

Find out how we use chlorine in the water treatment process to make it clean and safe to drink.

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Who's responsible?

Is there any lead in my water?

Find out why lead in water is harmful, whether your property has lead pipes, and what you can do about it.

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Water testing

Our drinking water standards

It's our duty to ensure a wholesome supply of drinking water for our customers. 

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How we keep your pipes clean

Sometimes we move water through our pipes quickly to remove built up sediment - we call this process flushing.

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