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Report a leak in a public place

We’ve got thousands of miles of water pipes and your help is vital so we can find and fix leaks faster.


Is the leak in our area of supply?

You can check if the leak is in our area of supply by entering your postcode into our checker. This tool also shows information about your water such as how hard it is.

If your address isn’t listed it could be that your postcode is not yet included in the search tool and you can check this via the Water UK Website.

If the leak is in our working area, please return here and follow the easy steps below on what to do next.

Check your water

Use our postcode checker to find out water hardness in your area and other information about your supply.

Identifying the type of leak

Here are some example photographs of different types of flooding you might see.

A path with water lying ontop of the concrete

A minimal trickle or patch

Water is trickling or there is a damp patch on the ground.

A field of grass flooded with water

A small puddle or bubbling

Water has formed a small puddle or water is bubbling from the ground.

Water overflowing from a drain

A large puddle or pool

Water is flowing quickly across the ground and/or is creating a large pool of water.

Water flooding out of a drain

Fast flow and/or spray

There's a burst, water is spraying out of the ground.

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