We rely on water every day. Yet, we have less to go around than ever before. So, we must all reduce how much we use.
That’s why we’ve launched Target 100, our ambitious initiative to reduce how much we all use, each day.
For further advice visit Waterwise.org.uk.

How to save water in your home

Discover how small changes to your daily routine can help you save water in your home – and save money on your bills.

Water saving tips

Free water-saving home visits

Book your free home visit, to learn more about saving water.

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Free save-a-flush bag

Save water and money every time you flush with a free save-a-flush bag.

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How to save water in your garden

It's easy to be waterwise in the garden. Follow some of our handy tips to help you save water.

Water saving tips

Water saving quizzes and activities

Test your water saving savvy with our free quizzes, activities and games.

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Check if you have a leaky loo

A leaky loo can waste up to 400 litres a day – fixing it can save approximately £500 a year.

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Ensuring Water for Life, together

River test


Our relationship with the environment is a vital element of our business. Ensuring we act in a responsible, sustainable way is an essential part of how we work.

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Let's hit Target 100

Target 100 is a commitment to our customers – we'll support them to reduce personal water use to an average of 100 litres each per day.

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Fat, oil and grease

Keep it clear

Our sewers and the drains in your home are only designed to carry the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.

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