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Save a little water

With hotter summers and less rainfall, the water in our rivers, aquifers and reservoirs gets topped up less often. And a growing population in our region means we have more people and less water to go round.


Did you know the South East of England is officially water stressed?

While we are working hard to increase our storage capacity and reduce leakage, we should all look to use less water where we can.
Thankfully, when we work together, small changes make a lot of difference.


watering can watering garden flowers

Saving water outside

Swapping a hose for a watering can save up to 1,000 litres of water an hour. And fitting a water butt to collect rainwater to use in your garden could save you over 800 litres of water a year.

woman loading dishwasher with gloves on

Saving water in your home

Discover how small changes to your daily routine can help you save water in your home – and save money on your bills. Just a few small changes really do make a lot of difference. Try these simple tips to save water around your home.

A close-up of a person filling a glass of water from a tap

Saving water in your business

Water is a precious resource. Every year the population of the South East grows, but the amount of available water remains the same. That’s why we’re aiming for a 9% reduction in business demand by 2037.

A worker on a home visit fixing pipes

Water-Saving Home Visits

We offer a free Water-Saving Home Visits if you use more than the average amount of water. We'll also tell you how you could save money on your bills.