I have no water

That’s not good. Let’s get on with helping you solve the problem.

Start by running through this checklist
  1. To check for water, try all taps and flush the loos in your home.
  2. If possible, check with a neighbour to see if they’re having the same problem.
  3. If it’s affecting all your taps and loo water, pop your postcode into this live incident map to see if there are any issues or works going on nearby that might be the cause.
  4. If you find an incident (issues or works going on near you), check our social media channels for updates.

If you still have no water after the works have ended

Get in touch with us on 0330 303 0368 (you’ll only be charged for a local call).

Or speak to us on live chat 


Why do I have no water?

It’s usually down to a pipe leak or burst water main rather than scheduled work we’re carrying out. But if you find yourself without any water, we’ll work as hard as possible to fix the problem as fast as we can.


When will my water return?

It’s not always a quick fix, sadly. It all depends on how long it takes to solve the problem. But, believe us, we’ll be doing our very best to get water back into your homes.


What can I do while I wait for my water to return?
  • Try to use what little water you have sparingly.
  • Check in on neighbours to see if they need any specific help because of the lack of water.

Call us on 0330 303 0368 if you’re in any way vulnerable and need us to deliver bottled water (you’ll only be charged for a local call).

Or speak to us on live chat 


I have certain needs: can you make me a priority?

We might be able to make you a priority. Just call us – for free – on 0800 027 0800, or visit Priority services and we’ll look into getting you registered.

Or speak to us on live chat 


My water has returned but it looks, tastes, smells unusual

Try running the tap until it clears (it should only take a few minutes). You might want to fill a watering can with the discoloured water so you don’t waste it. If the water colour doesn’t return to normal, try our problems with water quality page.