Report a leak in a public place

Your help is vital as we’ve got thousands of miles of water pipes. If we work together, we can get leaks fixed faster.

I want to report a serious leak in a public place that’s urgent

It’s urgent if it’s gushing or bubbling up in the street or anywhere where it could be harmful to the environment. It could be coming out of the ground, a broken pipe, or from some other place like the middle or edge of the road, a footpath, or verge. And it doesn’t matter if it’s clear water, or some other liquid.

Call our emergency freephone line 0800 820 999.




I want to report a (non-urgent) leak in a public place

If the leak is a trickle of clear water, then it’s not an emergency, but we still need to know about it so we can fix the problem and save as much water as we can. In this instance, please report it to us using our easy form (below).


First, let’s check if the leak is in our working area 

Click to open our postcode checker below. If the leak is in our working area, please return here and follow the easy steps below to report it.

Check postcode 



We need to pinpoint the leak, so please be as precise as you can with street name, door number, nearest shop or landmark. Or, use a free service like What 3 Words for a concise location.

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