We're committed to providing greater transparency about our environmental performance. We asked customers and stakeholders what information they wanted to see and built this reporting dashboard based on their feedback. It includes our latest performance updates alongside information about what we're doing to improve.

Pollution reporting

We’re focused on preventing any of the wastewater or chemicals we handle from posing a risk to nature or wildlife.

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Flow and spill data

We return wastewater to the environment after treatment or to protect homes and communities from flooding.

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Final effluent compliance

When we release treated water back into the environment, samples are tested for compliance against strict standards.

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Protecting the environment

Acting in a responsible, sustainable way is an essential part of how we work.

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Bathing water quality

We’re committed to protecting our region’s bathing waters which play an important part in the local economy.

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Carbon emissions

Providing clean water and removing wastewater uses lots of energy, so we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

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River levels

Where we rely on rivers for our customers’ water supply, we’re careful to preserve these natural habitats.

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Our Annual Report 2020–21

Find out more about our operational and financial performance in our latest Annual Report.

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