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Staplers Road, Newport

Together with our delivery partner Clancy Docwra, we’re reducing mains bursts and ensuring a reliable water supply for your community, by investing £400,000 to replace 500 metres of old water mains in Staplers Road, Newport.


We really appreciate your patience while we make these improvements and will finish the work as quickly as we can.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, please call our customer service team:

When the work is happening (updated 12 April)

  • The road closure and diversion at Staplers Road is ending on Friday 12 April at 5pm.
  • We'll connect customers’ properties to the new water main. This work will not affect traffic.
  • We'll reinstate the road surface in May. This will require three nights of road closures which we'll advertise nearer the time.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances we're unable to carry out the final mains connection work in April.
  • So we'll work closely with Island Roads to re-plan this work from September, avoiding the busy summer season.
  • Thank you to drivers and the local community for your patience during this work. We'll keep you updated on our plans for completion. 

If we need to turn off your water

  • If we need to turn off your water for a short time (to connect you to the new mains, for example) we’ll let you know at least 48 hours before.
  • If you, or someone you look after, has specific water needs please call us on the number above and we’ll do our best to help. 

Changes to traffic

All of our traffic diversions have now ended.

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